Guide to Sicily


If you’ve organised a holiday in Sicily, you can’t miss a trip to Taormina. You will be amazed by the charm of this wonderful village of eastern Sicily located along the coast between Catania and Messina.

What with the ruins of its ancient theatre, the blue sea that creeps between the rocks, and the green slopes that accompany the village down to the coast, you might be struck by Stendhal syndrome!

If you want to enjoy the best of Sicilian nightlife, Taormina is the city for you: the old and narrow streets are full of small restaurants, discos, pubs, and bars in which to cool off with a delicious Sicilian granita. Among the streets of the city centre, you’ll also find small shops and boutiques to shop in throughout the year. Finally, if you visit Taormina in the summer, don’t miss the concerts and events that take place in the Ancient Theatre. Here are the must-see attractions.

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