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Green Pass: travel in freedom

8 July 2021

From Thursday 1st July, the European Green Pass is active. It makes it easier to travel to and from all European Union and Schengen area countries. It is issued to those who have been vaccinated against Covid or have obtained a negative result in the molecular/antigen test or have recovered from Covid. The Green Pass contains a QR Code to verify its authenticity and validity.

At present, it is up to EU Member States to decide whether they accept a vaccination certificate after one dose or after the completion of the entire vaccination cycle. In Italy, the Pass is issued 14 days after the first vaccine administration, but due to the Delta variant, possible changes to the certificate are now being discussed.

The EU Commission underlines how “Certificates will be issued to any person who has received a COVID-19 vaccination in an EU Member State, regardless of the number of doses. The number of doses will be clearly indicated on the EU COVID digital certificate showing whether the vaccination course has been completed or not. In addition, Member States are required to accept vaccination certificates under the same conditions”, that is ‘for example, when a Member State decides to lift travel restrictions for its own nationals, who have a certificate for the first dose of a prescribed cycle of two of a vaccine that has been placed on the market throughout the EU, it must extend the same treatment to other EU citizens.”

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