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SAC: Catania Airport celebrates 10 million passengers

30 April 2021

Catania Airport exceeded 10 million passengers in 2019. This important result was celebrated with an exciting event, which saw everyone take part: passengers, airlines, commercial operators, handling agents, State authorities and the SAC management team.

The area in front of the check-in desks was turned into a large party lounge and in a magical 1920s-themed golden and shimmering atmosphere, the ten millionth lucky passenger was awarded a free ticket to Dubai, courtesy of the flydubai airline company, as well as many other gifts from airport sub-dealers.

A celebration to the rhythm of the Charleston, involving all those present in an elegant dance to the tunes of last century’s 1920s classics, in an ideal reference to the new year 2020. At the same time, airport shops and bars began offering all transit passengers gifts: coffee, complimentary cannoli and sweet treats, discount on purchases and car rentals.


2019 closed with a passenger growth of 2.87% compared to the previous year. The figures for national flight passengers remained unchanged, while those for international flights increased by 8.7% compared to the previous year. The figures for passengers from outside the EU went into double figures and reached 34.3%. Of these, those from the EU increased by 6.6%.


In 2019 Rome, with about 1,832,500 passengers, was the busiest destination nationally, while Malta, with about 308,892 passengers was the busiest on EU international routes, and Istanbul, with 83,534 passengers, for the non-EU sector.  The busiest day was (for arrivals and departures) July 21, 2019, with 41,030 passengers; for departures alone it was August 23, 2019, with 21,688 passengers and, for arrivals, it was August 9, 2019, with 21,594 transits.

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