How to reach the Airport


Taxis are located when you exit the Arrivals floor. The cars used for the taxi service of the City of Catania are white and are distinguishable by the word “TAXI” on the roof and according to the license identification number displayed on the car doors, on the back and inside the car.

For any report of irregularities/disruptions experienced during the ride, it is necessary to take note of the number of CP Taxi (public course number/licence visible on the taxi doors) and fill out the appropriate complaint form to be sent to [email protected].

The numbers to call for the service are:

Radiotaxi: +39 095 330966 Night-time service: +39 095 386794

Any other vehicle at the exit from the airport could be driven by persons who do not have a regular license and the required fare may be higher, or otherwise different from that provided by the City of Catania. For more details on the rate that will be applied, ask the staff in charge before boarding the vehicle.