Art. 1 – Acceptance of the regulation

The user who parks in paid parking areas, both in long-stay, short-stay, and low-cost car parks, accepts all the rules and conditions provided for by this regulation.

Art. 2 – Short-stay (P1, P2, P3, P5), low-cost stay (P4) and long-stay (P6).

To access the car parks, the user must collect a ticket from the dispenser at the entrance or must be in possession of a magnetic season card. As a result of collecting the ticket, a contract concerning the use and occupancy of a parking space is entered into. The payment due must be made before collecting the car at the automatic pay machines in cash, or by credit or debit cards. The user can request an invoice afterwards at the control room located at the entrance to the P2 car park. Free exit from car parks must take place within 15 minutes from the time of issue of the entrance ticket. If not, the user will have to pay the amount due for the stay in the selected car park. Motorcycles are not allowed in any of the car parks.

Art. 3 – Penalty clause

Once payment has been made, exiting the car park must take place within 10 minutes, otherwise the user will have to pay the amount due for the additional stay in the selected car park. If a car is stationed in a designated space for more than 12 hours (P1, P2, P3 and P5), the user will be fined a penalty of €30.00 a day, starting from the date of entry into the car park.

Art. 4 – Correct use of parking spaces

Each parking space must be used exclusively for parking only one vehicle. Vehicles that do not comply with the parking signage are required to pay an amount equal to the number of spaces occupied. Vehicles parked in prohibited and/or reserved areas, identifiable by special signage, will be removed. They can be collected, subject to the payment of the removal cost of €40.00 borne by the user, at car park P4. The user will also be charged the costs of depositing the vehicle equal to € 40.00 a day starting from the day of entry in the P4 car park.

Art. 5 – Opening hours

The car parks are open from 00.00 to 24.00 every day, including holidays.

Art. 6 – Liability and damage

The car parks are unsupervised and reserved only for cars without trailers of any kind. Motor vehicles can also access the car parks P4 and P6. There is no obligation to monitor the vehicle, as the object of this contract is only the availability of a parking space and its occupancy against payment. Therefore, SAC SPA is not liable for damage caused by third parties, damage or theft committed or attempted on the cars or accessories of the same, luggage, valuables or objects otherwise left in the car.

Art. 7 – Loss of car park ticket

The user who loses their car park ticket can contact, through any of the automatic pay machines, the parking supervision station. The same will, after searching for the registration number of the user who lost the ticket, issue, upon payment of the parking plus the entrance ticket fee equal to € 15.00, a new ticket valid for exit. It will be possible to do the same with the cashier located inside the control room.

Art. 8 – Regulation of traffic circulation

The user is required to scrupulously observe the signage that regulates the traffic circulation in the car parks. Inside the car park, traffic must proceed at a walking pace, avoiding stopping where obstacles to or difficulties for the normal circulation of traffic could be created. Buses, trailers, caravans, and freight vehicles are not allowed in the car parks.