Special baggage

Bulky or fragile baggage

It has to be placed in the seat next to you, but you need to book and pay for this additional seat. The baggage weight must not exceed 75 kg.

Weapons and ammunition

We recommend that you check with the airline in advance the rules that it applies. Come with your weapons documentation to the airport check-in desk, where you will be handed a form that you will need to fill out and take to the Police office (1st floor, next to the security checkpoints) to get the necessary authorization. Depending on the airline, you may have to pay for the arms escort service.

Sports equipment

Sport equipment includes: bicycles (packed and with handlebars and pedals folded in); surfboards and windsurfs (packed), skis, snowboards and golf equipment; shotguns and ammunition (the cartridges, in the appropriate containers, must not exceed 5 kg); diving equipment (empty cylinders and battery-free torches).

Fishing tackle

We recommend that you contact the carrier to find out which items come under sports equipment and the transport conditions applied.

Musical instruments

If the instrument does not exceed a metre in length, it can be brought on board as carry-on baggage. If it exceeds the allowed size, it must be checked in as checked baggage and, for better protection, stored in a sufficiently rigid container.