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Entering Italy: procedures and rules

8 July 2021

Passengers wishing to enter Italy are required to complete the “Digital PLF – Passenger Locator Form” before entering the country. You can find all the information for filling out the new Form on the Ministry of Health website.   From July 1st, for entry into Italy following a stay… Read all

Green Pass: travel in freedom

8 July 2021

From Thursday 1st July, the European Green Pass is active. It makes it easier to travel to and from all European Union and Schengen area countries. It is issued to those who have been vaccinated against Covid or have obtained a negative result in the molecular/antigen test or have recovered… Read all

Let’s start flying again: destinations for 2021

3 May 2021

The steady vaccination roll-out, together with the arrival of the summer season means it’s time to start planning trips and holidays again. In the meantime, moving the clocks forward on Sunday 28th March, from mean solar time to daylight saving time, marked the start of the “Summer” season for… Read all

Air travel in the time of Covid-19: all the rules

1 May 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced airports, airlines, and passengers to adopt a whole series of precautions to limit the risk of contagion. Therefore, it is still necessary, in order to travel in safety, to implement certain precautions both in the airport terminal building and on board the plane. Let’s… Read all

A return to travelling – great European capitals

1 May 2021

What’s better than a tour of Europe’s great capitals after the difficult months we’ve been through as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic? We all have a great desire to leave again, as we do for a bit of escapism and serenity: but the most distant destinations, such as… Read all