Passenger Guide

Controls and Security

We recommend that you contact your travel agency or airline to find out what time to show up at the check-in desk for your flight.


Your baggage, labelled with your first and last name, must not exceed the number and maximum weight allowed for transport by the airline, determined by the class of service and shown on your ticket. If your baggage exceeds these limits, transport is allowed after payment of this “excess” at the ticket office or the same check-in desk. Remember to always put your name, address, and phone number on all baggage, including your hand luggage. Please note: Do not leave your luggage unattended while you are in the airport.


Only one carry-on bag is generally allowed on board the aircraft (check the number, weight and size allowed with the airline). In addition, you can bring the following items with you:

  • a handbag, a briefcase, or a laptop
  • a camera, a video camera, or a CD player
  • an overcoat or a raincoat
  • an umbrella or a walking-stick
  • a pair of crutches or other walking aids
  • a carrycot and baby food
  • reading material for the trip
  • items purchased in “Duty Free” or in the airport shops (limited quantity and weight)

(*) Some airlines require you to place the items in your hand baggage.

Security checks to the Boarding area

In order to facilitate and speed up control operations, the passenger must turn up and show their boarding card, and possibly minimize the metal items in tow.

During the security checks, both the passenger and the hand baggage are checked (if necessary, a footwear check or manual inspection of the baggage may be required), and any items in tow (lighters, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, calculators, credit cards, mobile phones, keys, belts, watches, purses, wallets, business card holders, jackets and coats, tablets, notebooks, pcs, chargers etc.).

What to do for security control operations

Show your boarding pass before entering the area

Deposit your jacket, or coat, in the appropriate tray, separately from the other items.
Place all items in your pockets in the x-ray control tray.

Before the checks, get a transparent envelope for liquids (ask for one at check-in desks or before the security checkpoints). The envelope (20-18cm) for liquids (max 100ml) must be checked separately from the baggage and deposited inside the tray. It must hold a maximum of 10 containers of maximum100ml or 100mg capacity.

Take out your laptop and other electronic devices to have them checked separately from your carry-on baggage.

Pass your hand baggage through the x-ray check without storing it in the tray.

Go through the metal detector.

Recover all your personal belongings.